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About Elizabeth’s Voice

Who is Elizabeth? When Mary found out she was pregnant with Jesus, Elizabeth took her in. She believed Mary and was there for her when she needed someone the most. Our mission is to create opportunities for women in developing nations. We will be there for women when they need it the most. We empower women by giving them a job making handmade items like jewelry, baskets and bags. Then, the women turn around and give back to their community. In Uganda, we started a hospital ministry where our women visit patients weekly. The hospital they serve is a under served government hospital. Some of women even use their income to take in orphans from their community. They give hope to their community every, single day.

We have two artisan groups located in two countries. We have a group in Uganda, East Africa made up of single moms & widows. Our second group is located in Lebanon made up of refugees from Iraq & Syria rebuilding their lives in Beirut.

It's not just about the necklace or the basket...
every purchase is about empowering a woman who then turns around and
invests right back into her community.

Follow along
on our journey!