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Join our army of monthly donors fighting the poverty + injustices in this world. Our monthly donors fund our hospital visits, school fees, medical needs, lunches in the workshop and any unexpected needs. Donations are 100% tax deductible. Any amount you sign up for you receive a gift mailed to your doorstep. $10/month = 1 care package for a patient at the hospital including a Bible.

Sign up for our monthly subscription service, Hope Mail. Each month you will receive a handmade product mailed to your doorstep. The Hope Mail products are exclusive to the subscription service. This service funds all of our product orders and keeps the ladies working month after month. We hope you enjoy gifting Hope Mail to your friends and family or gift yourself each month. $14.99/month

Recruiters are people who want to help tell the story of Elizabeth’s Voice. Fill out the application and give us your reasons for wanting to be an Elizabeth Voice recruiter. You will receive free handmade products in exchange for posting on your own social media, blog and wherever else you choose! You will be using your own platform to help empower women around the globe.