That is my dream, too.

We were all sitting on the floor of the small 10X10 workshop working on some jewelry. I looked around and I saw that all the women were gathered there at the same time which is rare. I decided this was my opportunity to tell them how special they were and how God had a plan for this group. I began explaining how God has given me a heart for vulnerable women especially single moms, widows and young girls who are on the brink of resorting to prostitution. Each of the women sitting in that room fit this description. Each women has her own heartbreaking story that is being redeemed in this small workshop.

I explained to them that God has given me a heart for these women and I want to love them in every possible way. What I lack is understanding, what it is like to be them. I will never be able to reach the Ugandan women who are in need of help as much as the women who have already been down that path. The ones that have come to other other side to see the light waiting for them. They all nodded in understanding. They see my love for them, but they also know that I am not their Savior. They know that their Savior sent me to care for them. They know it is their job now to find the women who are just like them and love them. I went on to explain dreams of a hospital ministry, training more women as sales increase, possibly a women’s health clinic in the future and just growing the family more in every possible way as God allows. The dream to continue to help vulnerable women in Uganda and to do this one by one.

Florence leaned over to the woman next to her and whispered “That is my dream, too”.

Her dreams are the same as mine. An Ugandan women from the big city of Kampala and a girl from a small town in Texas have the same dreams. To care for the women in Uganda who are in a desperate situation. Only a truly big God could work like that. Florence and I have lived two very different lives. We have only known each other for a year. But, God has given us the same heart, the same mission.

Dream with me for a minute. Imagine a big workshop with 100s of women working whose past is dark, but future is bright. Imagine a team of prayer warrior Ugandan women visiting a hospital full of the sick armed with food, water, and so much love. Imagine a women’s health clinic where a woman who is pregnant and scared gets the medical care she needs, but also a sisterhood to stand around her like an army of angels. Imagine a 10x10 workshop whose light is so bright, that women are attracted to it and they are not sure why. When they arrive, they do not find a closed door who cannot hire due to no work. But, what they find is open arms and an empty seat. They find healing with time, encouragement, prayer and a job to care for themselves and their children.

These are the dreams, these are the visions. Selling the products is just the beginning of the good work that God has planned for Elizabeth’s Voice. God has given the same dreams to a group of Ugandan women and a girl from Texas. We are determined. We are confident that God will be with us every step of the way. We are hopeful. We are bonded together. We are full of joy.

Amy BrewerComment