She was hired.

I met a new Elizabeth's Voice employee in Uganda this week.

She is 19 from a small village in Uganda.

She gave me permission to share this story, but her identity will remain anonymous because this story doesn’t define her.

Her parents have passed away.

Her extended family was too impoverished to continue caring for her so they kicked her out.

Evelyn (who is the Ugandan women in charge) found her crying in the streets in Kampala one day.  This girl was wandering aimlessly not knowing who to go to or what to do. She was hopeless.

Evelyn did not hesitate. She took her in and told the girl God sent me to care for you. Now, you have a family with me. I am your mother and I will help to care for you.

She was hired.

That is how the interview process goes here. The most desperate woman, the one most in need of help gets hired. She gets trained to make the crafts and more importantly she gains a sisterhood of women to support her. She gets a Bible study every morning and food to sustain her twice a day while she works.

This girl is not alone anymore. God sent her an Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the woman who took in Mary when she found out she was pregnant with Jesus. God will always send us someone to us when we need help.

But, how do we help these women? We hire them. They do not want handouts. They want to work.

Every month Elizabeth’s Voice makes a product order despite the fact that we are unable to bring it to the United States each month. It remains in Uganda until God provides a way to bring it here. Being here in Uganda, I have realized this order needs to become larger each month so these women are taken care of and we can hire more. This takes money and God knows our needs.

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Amy Brewer