Out of Darkness and into the Light

A few days ago I went and prayed for one of the women in her home. The next day I couldn't believe her testimony. She told me "chains were broken."  My prayers were not special, God just used them to break apart two specific burdens that she has been struggling with.

She has been estranged from her family for many years. She has longed to see them and be accepted by them. That night, she dreamed for the first time ever that her brother was looking for her and now she truly believes that she will be reunited with her family one day!

Second, for over six years she has struggled in her home with no electricity. Her landlord lives far away and denied all requests by her to have her power fixed and turned on. For SIX years she has tried to remedy this. The following day after we prayed, there was a maintenance man at her home out of the blue to repair her electricity. Quite literally God took the darkness away and now all she sees is light!

Darkness is turning into light in Uganda!

Amy Brewer