2018 TOP TEN

The best of 2018

(in no particular order)


#10 501(c)(3)

We were approved as an official non profit organization with the US government! It was a long process to complete so we are glad it is checked off our list!


#9 School Fees

We have been able to provide school fee scholarships for fifteen of our women’s children! Here are nine of the twenty. These are the faces of the children who will be the poverty cycle breakers for their families. We cannot wait to see what they do with their educations!


#8 Musukire Village

First off, the group in the village grew by three members! These women are a close knit family and like to make all decisions together. They decided when they received a large order this past summer to purchase livestock together with the money! They are now owners of pigs and looking to purchase more livestock in the future! In their community, owning livestock can generate income and provide financial stability for your future.


#7 Ruth’s House

At the start of 2018, Ruth’s house had one wall that had fallen down. She was able to save and rebuild her house herself! We did not pay her any extra to make this possible. She was empowered and so proud to show us her rebuilt house this past summer!


#6 Hospital Visits/Bibles

We started our Tuesday hospital visits at the local government hospital in January. Our ladies in Uganda have been faithful to visit the hospital every Tuesday. Together, we have given over 1,500 hospital care packages and distributed 600 Bibles!


#5 Our new workshop on a hill

When we first started working with this group of women in Uganda, they worked in a small cramped workspace. It was 8x10 and too small for all the women to work comfortably in. This year, we were able to afford a brand new space to rent! The best part of this workshop is its location. It is in the highest place in the community, like a city set on a hill. Matthew 5:14


#4 Chloe!

One of our artisans, Olivia, had a baby! Her name is Chloe and she & mom are perfectly healthy. We are so excited about this blessing in 2018.


#3 Our Army of Supporters

We began taking monthly donations in 2018. We have been overwhelmed with the support of each person. It has been a game changer for us in Uganda. We are able to consistently buy supplies for the hospital ministry, pay rent, provide meals, school fees and MORE. We appreciate each member of our army that is fighting poverty & injustice every single month. You can find out more info about joining the EV army by clicking here.


#2 Handmade in Lebanon

We were able to create a new partnership in 2018! We teamed up with a couple in Lebanon to employ Iraqi and Syrian refugees rebuilding their lives in Beirut. We started with a REBUILD bracelet with hopes of building their business in the future.


#1 Faith

Back in September, our ever so faithful Faith had a stroke. She was rushed to the hospital and because of our supporters we were able to send emergency money to cover her hospital expenses. Her stroke was caused by uncontrolled high blood pressure and she really has had no lasting effects from the stroke. Her blood pressure is now under control and she is working again. Faith is our miracle this year. Thank you for making it possible. Stayed tuned for 2019.

Amy Brewer