$7 Miracles


But, can you even put a price on miracles? When God moves the impossible it can be big or small. But, I believe they are all the same to Him.

But, this $7 miracle is a big one.

Just this past January, we were just staring the new hospital ministry on a Tuesday. We went to the hospital just getting used to the hours and procedures there. We showed up at the time the doctors and nurses do their rounds so we had to wait about 1 hour before we could go inside. We were just standing around outside discussing what we should do while we wait. All of the sudden a few of the women were being called over by the security guard.

The rest of us followed after a few minutes later to make sure everything was okay. There was a security guard in tears and joyful faces all around. That security guard's name in Joyce. Joyce had seen the Bibles we were holding for patients. She had been praying about receiving a Bible for years. On that Tuesday in January, she received one free of charge. She had been searching and praying for a Bible in her primary language of Lugandan for nine years. Bibles are expensive, hard to come by and considered a luxury to many in Uganda. Back then even for us, that Bible cost us $15. But, now that we are buying them in bulk we are able to get the cost down to $7.

There is not a week that goes by when our women visit the hospital that someone says this is their first Bible and they had been praying for years to receive one. $7 miracles.

We have given 150 Bibles out so far this year in the hospital and around the community where our women work. The need is much greater than that, but we are thankful for what God has provided so far. 

If you were to donate $7 a month that would be twelve $7 miracles you provided for the entire year! We would love for you to join us in our mission to bring light + hope to those who need it most. Click here to read more to how to join us in fighting poverty and injustice in the name of Jesus.


Florence + Joyce


Florence is the leader of our hospital ministry and Joyce is the security guard at the hospital.

Amy Brewer