The Elizabeth's Voice Story

It was around four years ago God put it in my mind that I would one day start a business that would employ women in Africa. I did not know how, when, who or any other details. I just believed that and prayed about it for two years. If I am being honest, starting a business is something I would have never chosen to do on my own. Being a salesperson doesn't come naturally for me and all the details of running an organization are overwhelming to me. I'm more of a big picture person rather than a detail oriented person. But, God has placed this on my path and to ignore it would be very disobedient.

I am a labor & delivery nurse and I knew of a midwife starting a women's health clinic in Mozambique (Southeast Africa). She was in need of a nurse, a helper to come and help her open the clinic. So, I committed to come for three months and help organize the clinic and get it started. After those three months, I was going to meet my mom in Uganda for a little vacation and safari. Honestly, I had no plans other than what hotel and safari we were going on. I was planning on staying there for three weeks. My mom would be there for two and then I would just be open the other week.

My mom and I decided to stay in a certain hotel because it was suggested to me by some missionaries I know in Uganda. We ate dinner in the hotel one night and then we were walking in the lobby back to our room. Then, I heard a voice around a corner. I turned the corner and there was Evelyn. It was like a bright light was shining over her head. I can't explain it, but it was was like God was pointing at her. This is the one. Help her. Partner with her. It was undeniable.

I can't speak for Evelyn and I hope one day each of you gets to hear her story from her. But, I will do my best from her perspective from what she has told me. I immediately was in and committed because God had been preparing me for this for years. Evelyn did not know who she should trust, she had trusted the wrong person before. So, we talked for awhile and decided to meet again in the extra week I had before I left Uganda. I got several days all by myself and I prayed about direction. I had so much peace about what was to come and I just hoped Evelyn did as well.

For 8 years, Evelyn had been selling at that hotel and giving as much work to the vulnerable women in her community as the sales allowed. Times were hard because the sales were never consistent. But, Evelyn was faithful that God would always provide. I left from Uganda in June 2016 and promised her I would return. I came back in November 2016 to pick up a big order and neither of us has looked back since. Our partnership has been so easy. We both have tunnel vision to help as man vulnerable women as we can.

One of the most powerful things Evelyn has said to me is that about a year before she met me she saw my face in a dream. So, when we saw each other that day in the hotel- we both knew right away that this is a person God wants me to work with in life and in ministry. We became sisters in an instant.

It is hard knowing what Elizabeth's Voice will look like in the future, but I know God has provided every month and will continue to do so. He had Evelyn and I meet each other for a purpose greater than ourselves. We are His servants and I am so thankful to used by Him to better the lives of vulnerable women.

Evelyn and I need you to help us. Together, we employ 18 single moms and widows in Uganda. But, there is always a steady stream of vulnerable women at Evelyn's doorstep looking for hope. We want to give them hope by giving them a job to get back up on their feet. We would love for you to partner with us.

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Light + Hope,
Amy Brewer

Amy Brewer